Jannat AL-Iraq University College

Jannat Al-Iraq College is a private college established in Anbar Governorate - an absolutely wonderful city. Approvals from the Ministry of Higher and Scientific Education, No. هـ أ/ ك 9600 , on 5/31/2018. The wonderful Western College is located and the college is fully awarded in law and engineering. techniques Medical, financial, banking, and business administration, and this certificate is recognized inside and outside Iraq in terms of applying for postgraduate studies and applying for appointments.

At Jannat Al-Iraq College Activities

Strength Elements

1 The college gains its strength through its reliance on advance and thoughtful planning and working with the institutional system
The government is responsible for managing the college, which enables it to achieve its goals, mission and vision in society.
2. The college relies on the academic capabilities and competencies it possesses to achieve its goals and mission.
3. Relying on the scientific research index, developing scientific research plans, and working to raise the college’s index in
International Scientific Tribunal.
4. The use of modern educational platforms and the tangible development of most college teachers in dealing with teaching

Scientific Departments

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